DSIO: Demand & Supply Inventory Optimization
“Due to the diversification of the market, it is very important to predict future demand more accurately and produce/supply in an efficient way. However, it is very difficult to develop a universal demand forecasting model because the factors that influence market demand are very diverse and the shape of demand varies according to consumer and regional characteristics.”
“Maintaining an optimal stock level is very important in order to reduce inventory management costs and satisfy customer service. Creating an optimal inventory model is the most important aspect of company management, but it is very difficult to design an inventory operation model for products with irregular demand.”
"DS-eTrade provides insight for calculating the optimal order quantity to maintain an appropriate inventory level through demand forecasting based on deep learning algorithms that learns the past forecast results and inventory optimization simulation for each customer service level reflecting 20 years of DS know-how.
『DSIO』 is a DS platform based on demand forecasting and inventory optimization engine. DS-eTrade provides solutions for demand forecasting, sales planning, sales management, inventory optimization, replenishment planning and S&OP meetings.
Demand & Supply Inventory
  • Demand Forecasting

    • Store Level Demand Sensing
    • Automatic pattern detection, meta information registration
    • Time Series, M/L, AI Prediction Module Method Selector
    • New Product & LTB Forecast(Optional)
    • Promotional effectiveness analysis(Optional)
    • Big Data External Factor analysis(Optional)
  • Inventory optimization and replenishment planning

    • Part Segmentation
    • ROP Simulation
    • Target inventory/order management simulation
    • SKU@Inventory classification bu DC
    • Re-Balance by DC
    • Creation of demand/safety stock by WH
    • Daily Request & Allocation
    • Plan revision/confirmation by DC
  • S&OP Meeting & Monitoring

    • S&OP Meeting R&R
    • Dashboard
    • KPI Report
    • Workflow(Auto Alert)
    • S&OP Meeting Minute
  • Demand Plan/Sales Management

    • Multi-dimensional sales analysis
    • Management Plan vs. DP analysis
    • Support Top-down/Bottom-up Plan
    • Demand forecasting and sales performance analysis
    • Registration and analysis of sales information
    • Like OLAP Adjust/Report
DSIO 아키텍춰
『DSIO 』 는 DS Bigdata 플랫폼기반으로 다양한 분석알고리즘을 탑재하고 있습니다. 엔진 內 각 모듈은 연결 API 를 통해서 DB 와 통신하며, 엔진은 Watcher를 통해서 스케줄링 및 관리됩니다.
DSIO Reference

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