Digital Transformation Consulting
  • Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting
  • Process Innovation Consulting
  • Solution Consulting
Consulting Services
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Demand Forecasting & Demand Management
  • Order Promising
  • Master Planning, Production Planning
  • Inventory Optimization(DSIO)
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Sales & Operation Planning
Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting
  • In order to establish an operation strategy, it is necessary to establish an improvement goal through diagnosis of the current digital transformation level and analysis of gaps against Best Practice.
  • DS-eTrade uses the DS-eTrade Stage Of Excellence (DS SOE) diagnostic method to analyze the operating level and BP gap from the customer's operational strategy/system/process/operational organization point of view. DS-eTrade designs a roadmap to achieve goals based on gap analysis and suggests optimal achievement strategies.
Process Innovation Consulting
  • Based on the operational strategy, DS-eTrade designs optimal processes that can be implemented in the field and can be applied with the latest IT technologies such as AI and big data to implement business processes that can achieve goals.
  • By analyzing the impact of Digital Transformation on customer/organization/system operation, DS-eTrade supports proactive change management so that operation strategy/process/IT technology can be internalized within the company.
Solution Consulting
  • When building the system, DS-eTrade proposes an optimal future IT operating system that can execute customers' know-how and future business strategies, and performs PoC so that customers can make the best choice.
  • Based on the DS-eTrade system platform that has been verified through a number of recent projects, DS-eTrade implements an operating system that minimizes trial and error so that it can quickly respond to changes in the market.
BigData & Analysis Consulting
  • Big data & AI-based Demand Forecasting
  • IoT-based Field Quality & Process Optimization
  • Bigdata Analysis Service
BigData & Analysis Consulting
  • DS-eTrade collects large amounts of process data and demand-related source data, visualizes the analysis results, and applies AI analysis techniques to provide customized consulting to support effective decision-making.
  • DS-eTrade has accumulated know-how through BigData & Anlaysis Project in manufacturing, heavy industry, hospital, retail & logistics for many years. Based on this know-how, DS-eTrade provides a big data platform that customers can easily utilize with a small investment of professional manpower and technology by quickly applying consulting services and open source technology tailored to the characteristics of each industry.
Big data & AI-based Demand Forecasting
  • Recently, data extraction and analysis technologies are developing, and more and more companies are trying to acquire vast amounts of business data and use it for strategic decision-making. DS-eTrade provides a demand forecasting service that reflects the characteristics of various industries based on real-time accumulated data.
[ Customer Case ]
  • Hyundai Global Service: AI-based ship parts orders and demand forecasting considering quotations
  • Hyundai Mobis: Market information based demand forecasting on service parts
  • Samsung Heavy Industries: Retrofit ship order prediction and preemptive customer management considering PLC
IoT-based Field Quality & Process Optimization
  • A German manufacturing company that implemented a digital twin using manufacturing big data is raising the product level and lowering the defect rate with a simulation program identical to the actual process, and is minimizing defective products by finding process errors in real time based on quality data. DS-eTrade is optimizing the process using IoT-based optimization techniques that have been accumulated over the years.
[ Customer Case ]
  • HUMAX: Market quality prediction system improvement task (failure analysis)
  • HYUNDAI ELEVATOR: Development of IOT-based early warning system
  • DONGKUK STEEL: Optimize process quality and parameter management
  • Dongwha: IoT-based process quality and equipment failure prediction
Bigdata Analysis Service
  • While big data is rapidly emerging as a global IT concern, the big data topic in the past focused on infrastructure/analysis technology, but recently the focus of the discussion has shifted to what kind of value will be created using big data.
  • DS-eTrade recognizes big data analysis as an important means to strengthen the competitiveness of customers in the future, and provides big data analysis services to solve various issues facing customers.
[ Customer Case ]
  • Hyundai Motor: Automotive sensor data and image analysis
  • Nexon: Game user fraud data analysis
  • GS Retail Customer purchasing power analysis through POP card information analysis
  • Samsung Seoul Hospital: AI-based medical big data analysis

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