Automotive, industrial equipment and manufacturing
The paradigm of the automobile industry is changing in a complex way. With the advent of connected cars and autonomous driving technology, basic concepts of safety and convenience are changing, and with the rise of electric power and car-sharing, various perspectives of 'cars' are emerging that go beyond the framework of the automobile industry. Therefore, R&D and investment by each automobile company that do not want to be left out of the mega-trend of 'C.A.S.E (Connected Autonomous Shared Electricity) are also being actively carried out.
Industrial machinery and equipment are also in a situation where they have to adapt to a new market along with the 4th industrial innovation era. In a customer-led market environment, industrial machinery manufacturers need a new strategy to efficiently respond to customer needs, and supply chain management based on the 4th industrial revolution has become a key factor for companies to secure competitiveness.
DS-eTrade is conducting corporate transformation and innovation together to interact with customers in new ways and improve customer experience in response to industry changes. In addition, we are supporting the establishment of next-generation key systems by introducing IT technology represented by digital innovation for internal operational efficiency and cost reduction.
[ Industry Case ]
  • Hyundai Motor: Global Production System Verification System Consulting
  • Hyundai Wia: Service parts demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and ordering
  • Hyundai/Namyang Research Institute: AI integrated analysis system, sensor data and image analysis
  • Hyundai Elevator: Smart Remote Maintenance System Consulting
  • Hyundai Wia: Order cycle management system
  • Hyundai Mobis: AS material demand forecasting and service parts inventory optimization
  • Hyundai Global Service: AI-based demand forecasting and inventory optimization project
  • Samsung Heavy Industries: Demand Forecasting and customer analysis for sales opportunity
  • Monami: Integrated SCM operating system
  • New Optics: Production plan and MRP enhancement
  • Woori ENL: Display SCM operating system
  • Samsung SDI: MP system design and construction
Food & Retail
Domestic and foreign advanced distribution companies are realizing a retail tech-based distribution environment by actively embracing the fundamental technologies of the 4th industrial revolution. Retail tech, which started to be implemented based on internet, PC and mobile in the distribution 3.0 era, is growing rapidly in the distribution 4.0 era. For example, companies using innovative retail tech such as O2O service, product tracking function, big data-based customized service provision, immersive VR store, and unmanned shopping are growing rapidly.
DSTrade has continuously strengthened its big data and AI consulting capabilities, and is successfully applying the latest technology systems and processes to its clients.
[ Industry Case ]
  • Samyang Corporation and Pulmuone: S&OP System Consulting and Implementation
  • Lotte Department Store: Social Digital Marketing System project
  • Nongshim: SFA sales guide operating system implementation
  • GS Retail : Establishment of market analysis system through POP card customer analysis
  • Pulmuone: Establishment of demand forecasting system
Medical Equipment & Bio
Unlike conventional synthetic drugs, biopharmaceuticals are made using biological technology, and their complex structure makes process management difficult, triggering changes in the business model of the pharmaceutical industry.
DS-eTrade is contributing to the successful introduction of digital technologies that will bring new innovations to global biotech companies and medical device companies to reduce costs, strengthen their specialties, and accelerate their efforts to find new innovation engines.
[ Industry Case ]
  • Samsung Electronics Medical Device Division: GSCM Operation System project
  • Boston Scientific: Medical device order and inventory management system
  • SK Bioscience: Channel information-based demand plan and S&OP system consulting
The expansion of 5G, self-driving cars, and IoT killer applications is accelerating the demand for new system semiconductors, the shift to the data economy, changes in the AI ​​market, and ICT-based industries. Therefore, it is time to upgrade the semiconductor supply chain management for system semiconductors to enhance the competitiveness of major domestic industries such as automobiles and shipbuilding.
DS-eTrade is continuously conducting tasks for optimizing SCM with semiconductor companies and contributing to the system building that can minimize risks and maximize sales even when new semiconductor demand and business opportunities expand.
[ Industry Case ]
  • SK hynix: Supply Chain optimization project
  • Wonik QnC supply/demand planning system
  • Wonik QnC S&OP operating system
  • SK hynix: Process Innovation for building SCM system
Steel & Chemical Process Industry
Although the impact of the pandemic is diminishing and global steel demand is recovering, there are many uncertain variables that will affect the global steel industry, such as the re-spread of COVID-19 and the prolonged pandemic. Political and social transformations are underway, such as the rapid growth of the digital industry due to non-face-to-face daily life, a social system that prioritizes safety, environment, and publicity, and government intervention.
The petrochemical industry has undergone great changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing activities are spreading around the world, and the number of car and airplane trips has significantly decreased. This has caused a greater decline in demand than any other economic shock to the oil refining industry, which is highly dependent on transportation fuel demand.
On the other hand, the sharp drop in fuel demand also led to a decline in international oil prices and naphtha, a raw material for chemical companies, which actually benefited chemical companies in terms of raw materials. In addition, as social distancing and hygiene become more important, the demand for home appliances and hygiene products has surged. As a result, the sales of companies producing ABS and NB latex products, which are used as raw materials, were able to rise sharply in a short period of time.
DS-eTrade is contributing to the building of a market-oriented operating system by continuously collaborating with customers to build a system that can quickly respond to rapid market fluctuations such as post-pandemic.
[ Industry Case ]
  • LG Chemical: Global Supply Chain Planning System
  • SK Chemical: SCM production plan optimization consulting
  • Dongkuk Steel Big Data Platform (Process Quality and Process Optimization) Construction
  • Samsung C&T Fashion: Chemical and Electronic Materials ERP and SCM system building
  • Dongwha: MI-based demand forecasting system project
  • Dongwha: IoT-based process quality and equipment failure prediction system
  • Dongwha: Building Materials and Chemical S&OP System
  • Daedong: AI-based demand forecasting/stock optimization
  • Lotte Chemical: Advanced Materials Manufacturing Area Big Data Analysis project

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