About DS-eTrade
"DS-eTrade is a consulting and system building company specializing in Big Data and SCM that enhances customers'
competitiveness by building optimal processes and systems in consideration of the customer's business environment."
Value Chain provides insights to ensure competitive advantage.
Great Workplace Work & Life Balance
  • Welfare

    • Refresh vacation support
    • Work Anniversary
    • Retirement pension
    • Remote work accommodation support
    • Per Diem Support
  • Family-friendly system

    • Support for family travel expenses
    • Company Condo Membership
    • Congratulations and condolences Support
    • Maternity leave support
  • Healthcare

    • Support for employee and family health checkup
    • Social insurance
    • Group insurance
  • Employee-oriented culture

    • Flextime
    • Female staff meeting support
    • Education and training support
    • Compensation for employee invention
    • Support communication cost
    • Birthday present

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